What is “Total Cost of Risk”? 

1. All of the time, effort and hassle you spend:
  • Identifying, assessing and reducing risk
  • Working with insurance vendors
  • Securing and analyzing quotes and purchasing insurance
  • Attending to a myriad of insurance details throughout the year

2. The dollars you spend on…

  • Insurance premiums
  • Deductible losses
  • Excess policy limit losses
  • Uninsured losses

3. All of the lost time and the embarrassment, fear, stress and worry of living through a single event or claim

4. Business risks including the tangible and intangible costs of the occurrence of an uninsurable risk like loss of an important contract.

Physician Leadership

  1. Emergency Physician Leadership
  2. Emergency Medicine Medical Advisory Board

Pre-Emptive Intervention

3. Early Warning System
4. Real-Time Consults
5. Rapid Reporting
6. Strategic Response
7. EM-Savvy Defense

Risk Assessment

9. Circle of Risk Assessments
10. Data Warehouse of Patient Visit and Claims Information
11. Claims Performance Metrics, Analyses & Reports
12. Chart Review & Outlier Analysis

Risk Reduction

13. Communications
14. ED RISK Podcasts
APP Risk ( July, 2016)
15. Annual Risk Summits
San Francisco – Sept. 12, 2016
16. Education & Training
17. Risk Reduction Advice
18. Risk Reduction Plan
19. Risk Reduction Concepts/Thinking
20. Patient Experience

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