Putting your organization in the middle of a multi-faceted Circle of Risk™, we use a list of questions + technology to determine both litigation and event risks that could deliver a mortal blow to your practice. Our Risk Assessment helps us recommend the most appropriate insurance solutions and Risk Reduction Services for you.

Unlike most agent/brokers, we research the market for virtually all of the insurance companies that have an “appetite” for “writing” a particular type of risk for market segment. We look for a good, long-term partner that will be with us and our clients through good as well as bad loss years. Our underwriting partner is one of the very best.

We believe that the only sure-fire way to keep you out of court and pay less premium is to attack risk “cost drivers”. Based on the results of your Risk Assessment, we are able to recommend FailSafe® Event Prevention & Management products and services that will lower risks, lower costs and make a difference in the quality of your life.