“They've saved us in the hundreds of
thousands of dollars and will continue
to do so in the future."

Dr. Philip Schwarzman

Burbank Emergency Medical Group, Burbank, CA

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“Newsura brought a breath of fresh air,
Their responsiveness has been fabulous"

Dr. David Ketelaar

MMC Emergency Physicians Medical Group, Santa Maria, CA

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"Newsura has helped us in and out of
some tight spots. Having them on our
team has been terrific"

Dr. Richard Benedon

Los Robles Emergency Physicians Medical Group, Thousand Oaks, CA

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“Innovative, farsighted and understand
emergency physicians, our practices
and the challenges we face."

Dr. Peter Anderson

Fountain Valley Emergency Physicians

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“Whenever we were served with a
lawsuit, which wasn't often, my
first call was to Newsura."

Dr. Rick Bukata

The Center for Medical Education

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“Newsura has always been extremely
valuable to our groups as far as providing
the best possible rates."

Dr. Steve Shea

Long Beach Emergency Medical Group, Long Beach, CA

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“Newsura has been instrumental in
helping us form IEPC - the Independent
Emergency Physicians Consortium"

Dr. Roneet Lev

Independent Emergency Physicians Consortium

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“They feel more like a part of our business
than a third party. They are always available"

Dr. Chad Clark

Riverside Emergency Physicians Medical Group, Riverside, CA

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“Terry Borchers and company know the
business and the industry. It's a very open
and intelligent group to work with"

Dr. Paul Kivela

Napa Valley Emergency Medical Group

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