What It Is

Newsura’s FailSafe® Risk Management System is a buffet of consulting services that are designed to help healthcare facilities, particularly hospitals, and physicians, whether hospital-based, clinic-based and/or office-based to assess…

1.  Patient Safety
2.  Hospital/Physician Liability Risk
3.  Hospital/Physician Compliance, both Safety and Regulatory

…analyze the findings and make recommendations for correction and/or improvement.

Current Focus

While we can consult for almost any healthcare industry-related businesses, practice or organization, we are currently concentrating our focus on hospital emergency departments and their administrative, physician, nursing and tech staffs.

Who Does the Work

Paul Kivela, MD, MBA, FACEP, a practicing emergency physician and partner in Napa Valley Emergency Medical Group, delivers all consulting services either personally, or via contracted emergency physicians who are trained in the Newsura’s FailSafe® Risk Management System’s philosophies and methods.

Scope of Work

We use our proprietary Patient Safety, Risk & Compliance Assessment tool to gather the necessary information and data.  It focuses on four areas of the emergency department…

1.  Organization/Reporting Relationships/Physical Plant/Environment
2.  Systems/Procedures/Processes
3.  Clinical Practice of Emergency Medicine (Doctors)/Patient Care (Nurses)
4.  Patients/Doctors/Nurses/Staff and Their Personalities/Attitudes/Expectations/Experiences

Work Product

Dr. Kivela delivers both verbal and written reports, complete with recommendations.


Dr. Kivela’s recommendations will typically include solutions to identified issues, with such solutions being either Newsura’s, or a third party’s, proprietary solution.  An example of the former is Newsura’s SafeDX®, a patent-pending software solution that helps emergency physicians make certain they do not miss consideration of high risk diagnoses.  An example of the latter is Touch Medix, a Emergency Department Information System that tracks patients as well as services and produces an electronic medical record.


The potential benefits of Newsura’s FailSafe® Risk Management System are numerous.  They include…

1.  Enhance the practice of medicine
2.  Improve the quality of care
3.  Increase patient satisfaction
4.  Increase patient safety/reduce risk
5.  Prevent/reduce the number and severity of medical errors
6.  Improve interpersonal relationships
7.  Improve the working environment and team effort
8.  Increase clinical productivity and efficiency
9.  Increase income (both the group’s and the hospital’s)
10. Reduce cost
11. Enhance the group’s relationships with hospital staff
12. Enhance the group’s relationships with the medical staff
13. Make it easier to manage the group
14. Confidence that the hospital and its emergency group and emergency physicians are in compliance with all safety and regulatory laws and their requirements.


This page of our website functions as our brochure.  To discuss or begin an engagement, please call…

Terry Borchers


(916) 580-1809

[email protected]

During your discussion with Terry, he will be more than happy to share…

1.  A copy of the Patient Safety, Risk & Compliance Assessment tool.
2.  Details of our consulting process and methods.
3.  Client hospital and emergency group success stories.

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