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Lead Boldly

Bring Newsura onto Your Management Team to Manage Your Insurance Portfolio and Minimize Your Total Cost of Risk.

Founder & President

Terry Borchers, JD, MBA

To Give you a quick overview, Newsura is Focused on the Healthcare Industry

We work with the leaders of healthcare industry businesses, professional practices and organizations who bring us onto their management teams to identify, analyze, diagnose and address their risks of loss and shop for, purchase and manage their insurance coverages. 

As their “Virtual” Risk & Insurance Manager, we consolidate their existing insurance portfolio under our management, which is always subject to their direction, control and decision making, and implement our proven business model which…      

Lifts the risk & insurance management burden off their shoulders

Identifies, addresses and reduces their risks of loss

Enhances their insurance policies & coverages

Minimizes the odds of a “knock-out” risk taking them out of business

Prevents certain types of events from ever occurring in the first place

Nips potential claims in the bud

Minimizes the Damage of the Events that Do Ripen into Claims

Increases the Likelihood of Winning in Court

Saves Them Money, Oftentimes Serious Money

Minimizes Their Total Cost of Risk

We’re Organized to Serve Your Best Interests

Our business model empowers you and your team to not only Lead Boldly,
 Manage Confidently and Sleep Soundly.

1. We Work in Dedicated Teams

2. We Pinpoint Your Vulnerabilities

3. We Deliver Custom-Tailored Protection

4. We Attack Risk at its Roots

Okay, enough hype…

We’ll Just Let Our Clients
Do the Talking

“They’ve saved us in the hundreds of thousands of dollars per year and will continue to do so in the future.”

Dr. Philip Schwarzman
Burbank Emergency Medical Group

“Whenever we were served with a lawsuit, which wasn’t often, my first call was to Newsura.”

Dr. Rick Bukata
The Center for Medical Education

“Newsura feels more like a part of our business than a third party. They are always available.”

Dr. Chad Clark

Riverside ER Physicians Medical Group

“Terry Borchers and company know the
business and the industry. It’s a very open
and intelligent group to work with.”
Dr. Paul Kivela

Napa Valley Emergency Medical Group

“Innovative, farsighted and understand
emergency physicians, our practices
and the challenges we face.”
Dr. Peter Anderson

Fountain Valley Emergency Physicians

Want to talk?

If you’d like to explore what Newsura can do for you, either call Terry Borchers at (916) 580-1809 or send us a message.


30% Premium Reductions

***Newsura Insurance customers save, on average, 36.5% on their Medical Professional Liability Insurance premiums.

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