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What is “Total Cost of Risk?”

  1. All of the time, effort and hassle you spend on…
    • Identifying, assessing, diagnosing, addressing and communicating risk
    • Working with insurance vendors
    • Securing and analyzing quotes and purchasing insurance
    • Attending to a myriad of insurance details throughout the year
  2. The dollars you spend on…
    • Insurance premiums
    • Deductible losses
    • Excess policy limit losses
    • Uninsured losses
  3. All of the lost time and the embarrassment, fear, stress and worry of living through a single event, claim, lawsuit or trial
  4. The tangible and intangible cost of the occurrence of an uninsurable risk likeLoss of an important contract
    • Loss of an owner / leader
    • Loss of a key employee

1. We Work in Dedicated Teams

The “pond” we swim in is the U.S. Healthcare industry. It’s made up of more than 170 market segments. A “market segment” is a distinct type of business, professional practice or organization. Examples of each are a Coding / Billing Company, an Emergency Medical Group...

2. We Pinpoint Your Vulnerabilities

Early-on in Newsura’s “life,” we concluded that our country’s business, legal and regulatory climates had become so complex that a more scientific approach to identifying, analyzing, diagnosing and addressing each client’s risks had become an absolute necessity....

3. We Deliver Custom-Tailored Insurance Protection

Our clients have told us that their professional lives have become so chaotic that they no longer have time to do business with multiple insurance vendors.  Their “plates” are just too full for that.  As a result, we’ve brought every type of Property / Casualty...